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Natalie Portman naked bondage pics

May 11, 2010 Author: Natty | Filed under: Porn

Some call her the sweet face of innocence while others call her the subtle sweetness of a sex kitten. Eitherway, Natalie Portman is an absolute goddess of sweet seduction you would want to violate in any way. If perfection could be described in one picture, it would most definitely be an image of this naughty porcelain-skinned love doll.

There are a whole bunch of Natalie Portman naked pics out there but as her number one avid admirer, I am proud to show you my favorite naked pics of her.  Here are Natalie Portman bondage pics showing her silky naked body tied and bonded while she gives us a look of playful innocence. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an aching cock to tame. Meanwhile, check Natalie Portman’s hardcore pics over in this site!

Natalie Portman Porn Pictures

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When we say Natalie Portman, one thing first comes to mind… her beautiful face. She has one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood and is one of the few celebrities who pursued to finish college at Harvard and have a degree. She’s beauty and brains all rolled into one and that makes her really sexy inside and out. Some of her memorable roles under her belt included her portrayal of Padme Amidala in George LucasStar Wars prequel Trilogy and for her role as Evey Hammond in the comic book adaptation of Alan Moore’s graphic novel V for Vendetta where she shaved her head bald for the role and yet she still looks beautiful and sexy as ever! Natalie is one hot babe that has been the object of desire of men from all over the world and if you want to see the naughty side of this pretty Hollywood stunner, and we’re talking about really raunchy stuff like hardcore sex and all, then it’s time for you to enjoy some of her hot porn pictures only at Natalie Portman Porn Pictures.

We are showing you some of them and I’m telling you, these are too hot to handle and you get to see a very different Natalie who will take off her clothes and open both her mouth and legs to get those eager cocks sliding and pumping inside her! The mere look at Natalie’s beautiful face while getting herself bastardized by these horndogs can get you stiff in no time and soon you’ll find yourself wanking your heart out and wished that you can unload your thick spunk all over her! Just do yourselves a favor and click here for more hard-pounding sex action at Natalie Portman Porn Pictures.

Portman is open to Lesbianism

Apr 14, 2008 Author: Natty | Filed under: Gossip

Hollywood actress Natalie Portman is not closing her door to same sex relationship and she’s open minded in going out on dates with a chick.

She mentions about her openness on lesbianism by quoting the V for Vendetta star that “I’ve never dated a woman or anything like it, but I think it’s much more about the person you fall in love with. Why would you close yourself off from 50% of people?”

Natalie Portman to star in Wuthering Heights movie

Apr 14, 2008 Author: Natty | Filed under: News

It has been confirmed that the 25-year old actress will be starring in the movie adaptation of Bronte’s novel “Wuthering Heights” playing the role of Catherine Earnshaw.

With her English accent polished with roles from her previous movie endeavours Closer and The Other Boleyn Girl, Portman is now ready to take on the Yorkshire dialect for her role as the headstrong heroine in the movie classic.

Film director John Maybury will be directing the movie and he believes that Portman is without a doubt one of the most acclaimed actresses of our time. And teaming up with Maybury will result in a fresh, exciting version of a classic love story.

Who would have thought that such a prank would result in a huge public frenzy when Rob Hitt, the head of independent record label I Surrender, whips up a storm of publicity when he circulated the false news that Natalie Portman had already signed a deal with his company to make her first record album.

Hitt even created his own page at MySpace to make the entire news believable and to support his claims that the Star Wars actress is going to release her very first recording album.

The news spread like wildfire and the astounding wave of support and interest from music fans and Portman devotees were just too much that Hitt decided to give Portman a call and asked the lovely actress to try her hand at singing.